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We have commissioned SP SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden)  to test our work lighting. The reason for this is because you frequently discover different details about similar or the same products on the market. Manufacturers of work lighting sometimes state Lumen numbers and outputs that do not fully correspond with the true figures. Values in Lumen denote the amount of light that comes from the lamp, not how well it illuminates. Depending on the light distribution you can perceive that a lamp with a lower number is brighter than one with a higher number. We have therefore made a comparison test of our work lighting, so that you can get an idea about how well the lights illuminate. The tests were conducted in two different environments, one in a slightly open area and one on a forest road. All lamps were mounted in the same position, and the camera was stationary during testing. A sign was positioned at both sites 20 metres from the lamps, to give a reference point.