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Galtech GSV50 (60 litres)

When purchasing directional valve, consider the following.

1. How many sections do you need?
2. What functions are needed?
3. Should the sections have fixed or momentary positions?
4. Should the sections be placed in a special order?
5. Should the sections be controlled by lever, wire or electrical control?
6. For wire control, what wire lengths are required?
7. For electrical control, what voltage will the magnets be powered by?
8. Is a safety valve needed on the valve block?
9. Are non-return valves needed on each section?
10. Are anti-shock valves or anti-cavitation valves required on any section?
11. What type of hydraulic system will the valve be used in (round pumping, constant pressure or LS)?
12. For round pumping, should the valve be connected in series?

Connection A-, B-port 1/2" BSP
Connection P-port 1/2" BSP
Connection T-port 1/2" BSP
Make Galtech
Max. working pressure, electrically controlled valve 275 bar
Max. working pressure P-, A-, B-port (1-3 sections) 375 bar
Max. working pressure P-, A-, B-port (4-6 sections) 350 bar
Max. working pressure P-, A-, B-port (7-10 sections) 325 bar
Max. pressure T-port 25 bar
Max flow 60 l/min
Non-return valves on each section Yes
Recommended oil Mineral based
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