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Part number: 1062501
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Technical data


Height: 380,5 mm
Diameter inner: 88 mm
Diameter outer: 177 mm
Reference number P771529, 1062501M91, AF4856M, VPD7045, DD-18911, DD18911, CA7690, C18267

Fits vehicle

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MASSEY FERGUSON MF698T MF699 MF2620 MF2640 MF3050 MF3060 MF3065 MF3070 MF3075 MF3080 MF3085 MF3090 MF3095 MF3115 MF3120 MF6110 MF6120 MF6130 MF6140 MF6150 MF6160 MF6170 MF6180