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Part number: IA1203
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List price excluding VAT: 393,00 €
Instruction/data sheet: Document 1

Technical data

Electrical characteristics

Ampere: 120 A
Voltage: 14 V


Design: Dust-proof
W (Tachometer outlet): Yes
Reference number 2871A305, 11203175, AAK5384, 11.203.175, 2253145, 5301440, DRA0263, 12421, 63321468, 3777677M1, 3777677R1, 2871A310, 3780634M1, 3780635M1, 346-9825, 3469825

Fits vehicle

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MASSEY FERGUSON MF6110 MF6120 MF6130 MF6140 MF6150 MF6160 MF6170 MF6180 MF6190 MF6235 MF6245 MF6255 MF6260 MF6265 MF6270 MF6280 MF6290 MF8110 MF8120 MF8130 MF8140 MF8150 MF8160 MF8210 MF8220 MF8240 MF8250 MF8270 MF8280 MF8240Xtra MF8250Xtra MF8270Xtra MF8280Xtra

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