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Part number: 1810029
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Reference number 1850207, 8749, 1850219, 1850218

Fits vehicle

The part fits the following vehicle models. Selecting one model displays the whole of its product range.


FORD Fordson Dexta Fordson Super Dexta 2000 2600 2610 2910 3000 3600 3610
MASSEY FERGUSON MF35 (4-cyl Bensin) MF35 (4-cyl Diesel) MF35 (3-cyl Diesel) MF135 MF240 MF550
VOLVO BM T-15 Krabat/BM15 Terrier T-425 Krabat/BM425 Terrier BM320 Buster (4-cyl Bensin) BM320 Buster (3-cyl Diesel)