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O-rings in set, etc. 48 x in 24 different sizes. 2 each of 6.00x1.50, 8.00x1.50, 10.00x1.50, 12.00x1.50, 14.00x1.50, 16.00x1.50, 18.00x1.50, 20.00x1.50, 10.00x2.00, 12.00x2.00, 14.00x2.00, 16.00x2.00, 18.00x2.00, 22.00x2.00, 28.00x2.00, 30.00x2.00, 18.00x3.00, 20.20x3.00, 24.20x3.00, 26.20x3.00, 50.00x5.00, 55.00x5.00, 65.00x5.00

Part number: 160-14254
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Content: 24 sizes @ 2x between 6.0x1.5 mm and 65.0x5.0 mm (internally)
Reference number S.14254