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Reference number 11157115, 4741301, 11082447, BM-11577115, 11577115
Synonyms Bucket lock cylinder

Fits vehicle

The part fits the following vehicle models. Selecting one model displays the whole of its product range.

Wheel loader (loader)

VOLVO BM/VOLVO LM622 Baklastare LM642 Baklastare 4200 4200B 4300 4300B 4400 4500 L35 L35B s/n 1862201-1862999, 1872201-1872999, 1882201-1882999, 1892201-1892999 L35B s/n 1863000-1869999, 1873000-1879999, 1883000-1889999, 1893000-1899999 L40/L45 L40B L45B L45F L30 (1987-1995) L50 L50B L50C L50F L70 L70B L70C L90 L90B L90C L90D L110E L120 L120B L120C L120D L120E

Backhoe loader (Tractor backhoe)

VOLVO BM 6300 EL70 EL70C