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  • Brake disc  Ø 228 mm - ProductImage
Part number: BM-6621028
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Fits vehicle

The part fits the following vehicle models. Selecting one model displays the whole of its product range.


DEUTZ D3006 D4006 D5006 D5206/A D5207/A D5207C D6006/A D6206/A D6207/A D6207C D6507C D7006/A D7206/A D7207/A D7207C D7807C D9006/A D10006/A D13006/A DX3.30 DX3.50 DX3.60 DX3.65
VOLVO BM T650 T700 T800 T810 T814

Wheel loader

VOLVO BM/VOLVO LM218/218TD Baklastare LM620 Baklastare LM621 Baklastare LM622 Baklastare LM640 Baklastare LM641 Baklastare LM642 Baklastare LM840 Baklastare LM841 Baklastare

Backhoe loader

VOLVO BM 616 616B 646


VOLVO BM/VOLVO 860 860 S 860T 860TL