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Part number: 500067900
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Technical data


Diameter inner: 106 mm
Diameter outer: 140 mm
Thickness: 25 mm
Reference number 4383379, D-21007

Fits vehicle

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DEUTZ DX145/A DX4.10 DX4.30 DX4.31 DX4.50 DX4.51 DX4.70 DX6.05 DX6.10 DX6.30 Agroprima 4.31 Agroprima 4.51 Agroprima 4.56 Agroprima 6.06 Agroprima 6.16 Agroxtra 4.47 Agroxtra 4.57 Agroxtra 6.07 Agroxtra 6.17