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    Dimensions on drawing

    A: 88 mm
Part number: 48696
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Technical data

Dimensions on drawing

A: 88 mm
Reference number 5170360
Synonyms Stabiliser limiter,Stab. stay,Stabiliser stay,Stabilising bar

Fits vehicle

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CASE-IH MXM120 Maxxum MXM130 Maxxum MXM140 Maxxum
FIAT F100 F110 F115 F120 F130 F140 M100 M115 M135 M160
NEW HOLLAND 8160 (M100) 8260 (M115) 8360 (M135) 8560 (M160) TM115 TM120 TM125 TM130 TM135 TM140 TM150 TM155 TM165