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Transmission Dual 9 FE is a high performance synthetic transmission oil developed for manual gearboxes, shafts and reduction gears. Used in many application with demanding operating conditions with extended change intervals. For manual gearboxes, shafts and reduction gears where API GL-4 or GL-5 is required.

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Technical data


Volume: 20 l

International standards

API: GL-4, GL-5, MT 1
MIL.L: 2105E
SAE: J2360

Approval from the manufacturer

MAN: 341 Z2, 341 E3, 342 M3
Mercedes Benz: 235.8
Scania: STO 1:0
Volvo: 97312
ZF: TE-ML 02B, TE-ML 17B, TE-ML 05B, TE-ML 12L, TE-ML 12N, TE-ML 16F, TE-ML 19C, TE-ML 21B