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  • Universal joint 4WD - ProductImage
  • Universal joint 4WD - ProductImage
Part number: 1429021
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Technical data


Locking clip thickness: 1,5 mm

Dimensions on drawing

A: 30,2 mm
B: 92,5 mm


Lubrication nipple placement: Lubricant-free
Reference number 04388572

Fits vehicle

The part fits the following vehicle models. Selecting one model displays the whole of its product range.


DEUTZ DX3.30 DX3.50 DX3.60 DX3.65 DX3.70 Agroprima 4.31 Agroprima 4.51 Agroprima 4.56 Agroxtra 3.57 Agroxtra 4.07 Agroxtra 4.17 Agroxtra 4.47 Agroxtra 4.57
MASSEY FERGUSON MF275 MF298 MF575 MF590 MF595 MF698 MF698T MF699 MF3070 MF3075 MF3080 MF3085 MF3090 MF3095 MF3115 MF3120 MF3125 MF3610 MF3630 MF3635 MF3645 MF3650 MF3655 MF3680