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Water eliminator. Counteracts the problem with water in fuel and oil tanks. The eliminator is made up of a plastic tube with a fine nylon mesh. There are small crystals in the mesh which absorb water molecules in their structure. These crystals, which are entirely non-hazardous from an environmental standpoint, expand up to 500 times their own size and bind the water. Check the tube every time you fill up and take it out and discard it when it is more or less full, max. 60 days. Use: The eliminator must lie flat on the bottom of the tank. Secure it with the wire in the tank cap. Leave the eliminator outside the tank when filling up if it is close to the filler hole. Check the eliminator every time you fill up. 32 x 166 mm. Absorbs a maximum of about 90 g fluid quantity by weight.

Part number: 160-4009
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Application area: Petrol / Diesel / Kerosene / Hydraulic oil
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Reference number S.60325